Meet Oco Outdoor Cameras

Meet Oco Outdoor Cameras

Easy to use vandal and weather proof cameras for your home or business security. Mount your camera outside and don’t worry about cold, heat, rain or snow. The cameras are designed to survive harsh weather and will inform you if any suspicious activity happens while you away.

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The First Complete System for Indoor and Outdoor Security

The First Complete System for Indoor and Outdoor Security

Connect Oco Pro with your existing Oco indoor camera in one account. Oco can be integrated with many others devices, like smart thermostats. Turn on Oco automatically every time you leave your home.

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  • winter-resistant
  • backyard-surveillance
  • wall-mount


  • Weather and vandal proof

    Oco Pro Bullet and Oco Pro Dome are both weather and vandal proof cameras that are built to sustain harsh weather.

  • Full HD picture quality

    Oco Pro cameras support Full HD video quality. See everything that happens in details from anywhere in the world.

  • SD Card and Cloud Storage

    Store your video in our secured Cloud and on a local SD Card. All data is synchronized and accessible through with our App.

  • One App for all Oco cameras

    Already using Oco for indoor home monitoring? All Oco cameras can be added to same account in our App.

  • WiFi or Ethernet connection

    Connect Oco Pro to your Wi-Fi network or use Ethernet cable. You can use PoE both for Internet and power (PoE Adapter is not included).

  • Quick and easy setup

    Connect Oco Pro to your router, register the camera in the Cloud in less then 60 seconds and you are ready to go!

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How to install Oco Pro

Oco is known to be simple to install. Oco Pro is not different and the whole installation can be done just in three steps:

Step 1: Unbox your camera
Step 2: Open your web account on our website and launch the installation wizard
Step 3: Connect Oco Pro to your router, come up with the name for your camera and click the button to add it to your account.


And that’s it. Now open our App and enjoy!





Why it is better then Nest Outdoor?

All our Outdoor cameras are professional cameras with pre-installed Oco software. They are simple to install and at the same time they are solid enterprise level solutions. What does it mean? 1. The cameras are vandal proof and it is really hard to break them. 2. They operate both in low temperatures and very hot. Oco can operate at a temperature range -22 °F – 140 °F (-30 °C to 60 °C) compared to Nest’s -4 to 104°F (-20 to 40°C). So you can be sure that it will survive harsh winter or crazy heat. 3. Oco Pro cameras have SD-card support for local storage (SD card is not included in the packaging). If you have a SD card inserted, the camera records to the SD card when your Internet goes out, and you can access this footage from your phone as soon as the camera connects to the Cloud again. 4. You can buy Oco Pro right now with price starting at $169 per camera

Are Oco cameras battery operated? How are the devices powered? Is it 100% wireless?

All our cameras have no battery. They have to be plugged in to the power outlet by a power adaptor or PoE adapter. We don’t have a battery inside the camera; however our system can detect a lost connection to either power or WiFi. In that case, you will receive a mobile alert telling you that Oco has lost its connection.

What if I have weak Wi-Fi outside of our house?

Oco Pro cameras support PoE, so you can use one Ethernet cable both for Internet and power.

Will it work with my other Oco camera?

Yes, you can combine different types of Oco cameras in one account. For example you can Use Oco for indoor security and Oco Pro Bullet for outdoor.

Does Oco move (Pan / Tilt) and zoom?

No, it doesn’t, but wide viewing angle is enough to view the entire room or backyard, so you just don’t need to pan and tilt! Oco has 8x digital zoom.

Can I turn it off (privacy mode)?

Yes, you can turn it off. You can do it via the app or camera can be turned off automatically when you come home (using geofencing via IFTTT